Welcome to Abram’s Call

We need a transformation in the ‘things hoped for.” We need to have the far-off towering summits of vast and noble possibilities enthroned in our imaginations. So few men venture out beyond the blazed trail. Tis he who has the courage to go past this sign. That cannot in his mission fail. He will have left at least some mark behind. To guide some other brave exploring mind.

No man is of any use until he has dared everything. Robert Louis Stevenson

It was with a dream in the night and with these words from my 1939 copy of the morning devotional “Springs in the Valley” that on March 3, 2021, as Abram and I drove to San Francisco for another round of medical appointments, that we felt God speak to us and confirm the vision and dream of a Kilimanjaro Summit and the “noble possibility” of raising a large amount of money to provide safe, clean, lifesaving drinking water to thousands on the African continent. Two years and 2 surgeries previous to this vision Abram had been paralyzed with a spinal cord tumor and there was no guarantee he would walk again, let alone climb a towering summit for the benefit of others.  I invite you to learn more about Abram, his journey, and how you can help fulfill the destiny God has called him to complete.

Faithfully yours,
Ryan Mannix