Abide 33

ABIDE33 is a California-based non-profit non-denominational ministry that reached around the globe to empower those who believe in Jesus physically and spiritually, strengthen the church, feed ministries in need, enhance faith-based recovery, seek the lost with the gospel of Jesus the Christ, magnify the Word of God, while they educate and promote bodily training and obedience.

ABIDE33 offers a program that trains you to commit to giving God 33 minutes a day to receive all that He has promised. The daily discipline is to deter destruction. “One who is on the path of life follows instruction, But one who ignores a rebuke goes astray” (Proverbs 10:17 NASB). You read and write down the Word of God, verse by verse. In between verses, you engage in bodily training while pondering everything God is showing you. This daily process is very different than anything you have experienced before.

As each of us grows stronger in the Lord, we will serve Him together. We become disciples and make disciples. For this to happen, we must hear the call, listen to instruction, clear a soon coming King’s highway, and be servants proclaiming the Kingdom of God. We will deny ourselves and take up our cross as Jesus graciously restores us.

Abram’s Call & ABIDE33
As God would have it, around the time, we determined we needed a structured training program to prepare for Kilimanjaro our friend John Crovelle was given the vision for a Christ-based transformation program that combined weight lifting and Scripture reading in 33-minute sessions for six days a week, “ABIDE33”. After our “kick-off” climb of Mt. McLaughlin, which marked one year to our climb, we immediately began the first of what will be many 33-day cycles of this workout plan. John visited Abram at one of his last physical therapy sessions to learn the unique needs and limitations for his training and visited our home to assess our training infrastructure and demonstrate technique. We believe God is working through Abide 33 to transform lives by uniting the physical and spiritual in a doable program.