Why Lifewater?

For more than 40 years, Lifewater has helped people be a part of global change by bringing clean water, improved health, and the hope of the gospel to families living in extreme poverty. Since 1977, they’ve served more than 2.5 million people and with your help, they will serve more! Here’s how Lifewater is unique:

  • Biblical Worldview
    Lifewater sees people and poverty in the context of God’s love and restoration.
  • Remote Locations
    They serve in hard-to-reach places where families that are most vulnerable live.
  • Sustainability
    They work on local and regional levels to create change that lasts.
  • WASH
    Safe Water Access, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) practices can help make clean water sustainable and nearly eliminate waterborne diseases.
  • Impact Data
    They measure, analyze, and report results online to ensure our activities are making a lasting impact.
  • Appropriate Water Technology
    They access appropriate, long-lasting solutions which utilize local ingenuity, readily available supplies, and materials that community leaders can access.

Abram’s Call & Lifewater
A number of years ago, Abram’s family was having trouble with their shallow well going dry in the summer months when the water was most needed for the family and the farm animals. When the well went dry, they would have to fill Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC tanks) in town and bring them home in the back of the truck. First, they just dropped this water into the well casing, but eventually, they set it up so that the pump could draw directly from the tank in the back of the truck. Although they knew that they needed to address their problems materially by re-digging the well cistern, they also knew that they needed to address their problem spiritually—by recognizing that others had far worse challenges with freshwater than they did and seeking to find a way to address that need.

This intention brought the family to Lifewater Ministries, and they have been participating in fundraising and efforts to build wells for folks far needier than they were. As time went on, they felt God calling them to find a way to give more than they could ever possibly give on their own. They turned to Abram’s story to raise money for the ministry. Lifewater has partnered with Abram’s family by providing logistical support both for their climb and the fundraising efforts. They anticipate this will be a relationship beyond the climb itself as they witness the amazing and necessary work this organization provides to people in need.